Unbelievable story of India’s first Mr Universe who is 103 years Old

Manohar Aich is a Legendary Indian Bodybuilder who is now 103 years old. He won the 1952 Mr. Universe – Group III championship and is also a three-time Asian Games gold medalist in body building.

Manohar was interested in bodybuilding and fitness right from his early age. At that time,there were not gyms and weight equipment’s. Hence he used to do only body-weight exercises with more reps. His workout in his teenage included push-up, pull-ups, squat , leg raise etc.

His bodybuilding career took a turn when he joined the Royal Air Force in 1942, where he was formally introduced to weight training by Reub Martin (his senior at RAF).

He took part in Mr Universe for the first time in 1951 where he came second. Then next year was a big one for Manohar, as he created history by winning first place at Mr Universe. He competed again in 1955 and came third, and fourth in 1960. At this time he was 47 years of age. He continued to participate at several other bodybuilding events. His last bodybuilding show was in 2003 when he was 90 years old.

He has never touched alcohol nor has he smoked. His diet consisted of what Mother Nature provided such as fruits, milk, vegetables, and rice, lentils and fish.

Achievement of Manohar Aich

Mr Universe in 1952

Gold Medal – Asian Games 1951 – New Delhi

Gold Medal – Asian Games 1954 Manila

Gold Medal – Asian Games 1958 Tokyo

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