unique facts about the Karnataka assembly election 2018


The Karnataka assembly elections is not just a hard fought battle, but a unique one as well. There are many firsts in this election and one among them is the introduction of the M3 EVMs.

While there are firsts there also could be a last and that is the practise of contesting from two seats. If the Supreme Court accepts the Election Commission’s recommendation then the practise of a two seat contest will end and Karnataka will be the last state to witness it.

Karnataka elections, unique facts:

For the first time in India, the M3 EVMS would be used in the Karnataka Elections. M3 or third generation EVMs would be used for the first time at 7 constituencies in Karnataka. The ECI had recently decided to phase out the existing machines in a phased manner and introduce the M3 EVMs. The new machines have a self diagnostic feature that would give the machine the ability to identify fault or defects within the system. Further the control and ballot unit can communicate with each other. If someone plants a Ballot Unit or Control Unit from outside, the digital signature will not match and the system would stop functioning.

The number of first time voters in the age group of 18 and 19 has gone up since 2013. The number of first-time voters is 15,42,000 as against 7,18,000 in 2013.

This time the ballot paper will not just feature the name of the candidate and party but a photograph as well. This has been done to avoid confusion among the voters in case candidates have similar or same names.

The ECI will set up all woman polling booths. One polling station in each assembly constituency will have an all women’s booth. In all there would be 224 such booths across the state.

Karnataka Assembly Election dates
Date of polling May 12
Date of counting May 15

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