Unknown Medicinal Benefits Of Jeera (Cumin Seeds)


Because of its numerous medicinal properties, jeera or cumin is used as an ingredient in several homemade remedies and ayurvedic preparations. According to Ayurveda, it balances both vata and kapha. It is frequently used in Indian households for cooking curries and various other food items. It adds a nice flavour to the food and adds a medicinal value to it.
Intake of water boiled with cumin seeds increases milk in breast-feeding mothers and reduces irritation in the uterus. Gargling with this flavoured water can help to freshen the mouth, treat mouth ulcers and remove foul odour. It also helps to prevent bleeding from gums. It can also be used to cure boils. Make a paste by grinding cumin seeds with water and apply it on the boils.

Consuming powdered jeera with honey decreases colic pain and diarrhoea. It reduces the pain experienced during heartburn or flatulence. Patients struggling with irritable bowel syndrome may get relief by consuming pomegranate juice mixed with roasted jeera powder. Consuming a spoonful of roasted cumin seeds, some fresh ginger juice and a touch of salt added to a glass of buttermilk provides relief to people suffering from piles and soothes the irritated intestine.

It also helps in curing nausea, morning sickness and atonic dyspepsia. To get relief from these symptoms, boil cumin seeds in a glass of water and add some salt and a teaspoon of coriander leaf juice to it. Drink it right away. Cumin seeds also have anti-carcinogenic properties. As a result, it has also been known to reduce the risk of stomach and liver tumours in animals.

Cumin seeds also have antiseptic properties. Hence, it helps relieve the symptoms of common cold. Drinking tea made by boiling water, cumin seeds and a little bit of fresh ginger provides relief from common cold.

Intake of cumin seeds increases heat in the body, thus increasing the metabolism. It also boosts the immune system and strengthens the kidney and liver.

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