Update Your Belief Software



Just as your mobile application needs an update, in reality your beliefs must have an update to achieve your dreams.

Have you ever updated your belief software?

If your answer is yes than I’m really glad to hear it and for few it might be a no, isn’t it? In this context, the difference between a yes and a no is purely depended on how you have set your mind sets, goals and of course how you are heading towards life.

A purposeless life is a living death so once in a while ask yourself, ”Am I getting closer to my purpose in life?” if the answer is no then you need to start working on your beliefs.

Let me begin with a story….
There lived a wise king, hundreds of years ago. His kingdom was attacked by one of his enemy. The king led his army to drive them away from his kingdom. For sixteen times he and his army fought, and were defeated miserably. The king was forced to hide in the woods. He lived in a cave, defeated, tired, with no hopes. It seemed to him that there was no use for him to fight again. As he laid thinking he noticed a spider over his head getting ready to weave her web. The spider threw her thread from one edge of the cave to the other, but failed. Constantly it failed. The spider did not lose hope and was finally able to weave her web. Watching the spider, the king realized that he should believe in himself and fight again till he wins.

So in this story the king’s belief was outdated due to the circumstances, but the spider provided him with an update to constantly believe in him.”

Steps that you need to follow for updates
Never lose sight of your goal.
Accept responsibility.
Keep yourself constructively occupied.
Learn to get over things, don’t brood.
Change your shoulds to musts.
Keep updating your mind with new ideas.
Be honest with yourself, if not with everyone else, about your beliefs.
Have eagerness to learn new things.
Remind yourself that “YOU CAN” every day.
Always be an open minded, because it shows a willingness to listen and share your views.
Don’t stop till you get there.
Have ability to recognize opportunities.

With all these above qualities, you must also choose your mentor wisely, so that you will be guided. Because, the mentor is the one who gives honest and sincere appreciations.

Starting up any business is easy but recruiting the clients, marketing seems the toughest part. But no worries as long as you are dedicated to your work and have belief in your instincts. You become unstoppable.

Every individual has something special in their life but what is that you choose about yourself makes you special. And what is that you believe is going to create your life.

I emphasize on belief because the moment you have recognized your strengths you can either enhance it or multiply it and grow strong that any type of outside circumstances should not break you down. And ultimately, you become strong from within.

And in the entire world, there are two kinds of people,
The one who make things happen, and
The one who watch things happen

Who do you want to be?



Article by:

Geminidhar (Take charge expert and Author)

email: 9waystoempower@gmail.com




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