US Immigration might change into a Merit Based system Donald Trump

US Immigration might change into a Merit Based system

US Immigration might change into a Merit Based system Donald Trump

The president of the US vowed to terminate the Green Card lottery system after the attack near the WTC memorial. The decision was inspired after the events wherein an Uzbek entered to US to kill eight people in a deadly attack.

The attacked who goes by the name Sayfullo Saipov took help of a pickup truck to attack 11 people, and also kill 8. The attack is said to be inspired by the ISIS. Saipov is said to have entered the territory of the US through the Diversity Lottery Programme.

Donald Trump issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that he is going to start with the process of termination of the Diversity Lottery Programme. He said ‘the country mourns the horrifying attack in the New York City. All of America is praying for the families of the people who have lost their precious lives’.

Trump even went out to call the immigrant an animal, who should be punished immediately, with a greater intensity. He further added that he would request the Congress to initiate the process to get rid of this programme. He also looks forward to get rid of the chain migration. This came in view after it was found out that with the Uzbek terrorist, entered 23 more people in the US because of the procedures laid down by the Democrats.

The diversity programme allows a green card to the people from different countries where merit based candidates are not usual. The programme was meant to diversify the population of the US, by granting them permanent residence in the country. Trump intends to shift the programme to a merit based one, to not allow the immigrants to let their families enter the territory of the US. he wants to take this “tougher and smarter” step as soon as possible.

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