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US Presidential Debate: What It Implies On Presidential Elections?


If Wednesday night’s presidential debate could set the roadmap of the forthcoming US elections to choose the country’s next President, then it would not be wrong to say that indications of stormy times ahead are written all over the wall.

A defiant Donald Trump announced in clear words that he would not accept the election results if he lost and he would consider it rigged. Questioned directly by mideratir Chris Wallace as to whether he would accept the results if Hillary Clinton prevailed on November 8, he went on to the extent of even calling the entire election process illegitimate.

The debate that started off on a sober note with both participants Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump  discussing the issue of Supreme Court gradually gathered steam with both candidates taking forward their perspectives vigorously and with added aggression. Even on the immigration issue, the discussions started civilly and were proceeding on predictable lies until Clinton broached the issue of Wikileaks and Trump’s alleged links with Putin and Russia. Trump also instantaneously barged into the conversations and called Clinton a liar.

By the end of the third phase of the debate the contrasts was quite clear and the diametrically different directions that both candidates were heading to was quite clear. While Clinton came away as a clear supporter of LGBT rights, equal pay for women and restoring abortion rights, Trump seemed to toe the conservative line on issues of abortion rights and gun control. Also Trump stuck to his pledge of deporting undocumented immigrants and securing US borders.

It would not be wrong to say that both parties argued intensely with just 20 days remaining for the final elections. Both left no stone unturned in trying to woo undecided voters as well as loyal supporters and in the process the differences between the two and blame and counter blames reached to a height where they dispensed with the traditional handshake after the discussion.

With Clinton needling Donald Trump’s belittling women and Trump’s final reply citing to refuse accepting election results if not in favour surely made it a rather worrisome night for the Republican Party and did not augur well at all especially in the perspective that Trump is already losing out in terms of votes in pre-election polls. Guess November 8 holds the key to final results and the potential outcome for the greater masses.

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