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US Presidential Election-Clinton Vs Trump : A Clamorworld Perspective


Even as I sit down to write about it I cannot help but remember a joke that’s doing the rounds on what’sapp recently- Choosing between Hillary and Trump is almost like choosing between Mulayam and Mayawati. While each candidate has a unique element that has pushed them thus far, I must say that given the current state of affairs in US as well as globally, making the final choice is going to be a tricky affair.

While Trump is considered to be too much of a radical, Clinton’s handling of press matters have been questionable. Hillary Clinton comes across as a more polished sophisticated and articulate candidate with a relatively strong command on political strategy and dealing with diplomatic affairs. Trump on the other hand is rough, gruff and hardly diplomatic. But when it comes to policy matters and governance both candidates have been short of expectation.

Hillary has clearly proclaimed Russians as her enemy and in a world already traumatised with decades of violence we need more friends than foes to work on terror issues on an international platform. Trump in this case seems more pliant. But then he is an outright racist and several of his comments thus far could land him and the country in serious trouble had he spoken in his capacity as the head of a country.

Even in terms of economics, Trump talks about taxes and trade wars that could have dangerous repercussions. Though Clinton has a relatively more internationalist approach, we must not forget that when Bill Clinton left office, US was in a mini recession and it is the tweaking that he implemented in housing policies and others that led to the huge sub prime crisis of 2008-09.

Looking at the Indian perspective, traditionally Republican US Presidents have augured well for the country. But then we must understand that Trump is not a regular Republican. With his current stance on foreign policy, it would not be wrong to assume that he might rather struggle to fill in positions with talent that could re-assure India. Even from a global perspective a man who is nothing short of a egomaniac, his campaign full of hatred and abusive speeches and one who propagates nothing but lies, ignorance and prejudices cannot be the ideal candidate to lead one of the world’s most powerful democracies.

Ms Clinton’s policies especially the foreign matters have been rather slippery to put it lightly. Most of the terror mongering nations across West Asia is seen as her close aides and that could be rather worrisome for countries like India trying hard to root out the scourge of terrorism. Despite being Barack Obama’s secretary of state, she has not been able to cash in much on the good will generated by his victory. But what works for her a little more than Trump is the fact that she is flexible and pragmatic and knows how to tweak stances when the need arises. Moreover it is high time US had a Woman President, leading the country from the front. Clinton in those matters is more of a gutsy and determined leader.

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