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Vengeful Indian father kills King Cobra with bare hands to avenge son’s death

Somewhere in South India, a grieving father was caught on mobile camera, allegedly hackling to death a highly venomous King Cobra with bare hands, after his son died of snake’s fatal bite.

In a fit of rage, the man could be seen pulling the snake out from a nearby bush by its tail and mercilessly beating it against ground.

Occasionally he swirls the deadly venomous snake in the air before banging its body on ground.

Apparently, the poisonous species had bitten the man’s young son, who died instantly. According to National Geographic, a single venomous bite of King Cobra is enough to kill 20 people, or one life-size elephant.

The video has been viewed more than 872,000 times.

After the man is done with killing the cobra, the animal can be seen slithering for a few seconds before going still.

Watch entire footage here…

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