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Venus-Jupiter conjunction on August 27: Viewing tips! (Watch)

Stargazers will be treated to a spectacular celestial show this weekend, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction.

On the evening of August 27, the sky’s two brightest planets – Venus and Jupiter – will come so close to each other and appear as one large, bright star in the sunset sky, providing space enthusiasts an opportunity to witness the stunning show.

During their conjunction, Venus and Jupiter will be only about 1/15th degree apart from Earth’s perspective, and both the planets will easily fit in the same binocular or telescopic field of view at high magnification.
How to view the conjunction

The perfect time to see the conjunction will be 30-40 minutes after the sunset on Saturday evening from anywhere around the world and given a clear sky. So, find a pair of binoculars and try finding a place in advance with a wide open view to the west to view the remarkable celestial event this weekend.

Don’t miss it because Venus and Jupiter won’t be this close to each other for nearly 50 years from now, and you’ll have to wait until 2065 to catch a closer look of these two planets and their conjunction.

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