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Video: Here’s what Farhan Akhtar and Vishal Dadlani are doing this Independence Day

They are fighting hunger and so should you.

Food is a very basic necessity for human beings, and in today’s age with scores of fast food franchises and food delivery apps at out disposal, people won’t hesitate in ordering excess food, even as wastage remains a major cause for concern globally.

But while ordering more than sufficient meals and often even complaining about food, no one really pays attention to the widespread poverty and the resultant hunger that plagues countries worldwide, with some places even experiencing sever food shortage crisis.

In a society where people get on with their lives after satisfying meals, some people do care about millions living in such destitution. The Robin Hood, a group formed by young professionals, has been collecting excess food from restaurants to feed the poor.

The group has successful chapters in 30 cities in the country, and now they have the support of Farhan Akhtar, Uday Benegal and Vishal Dadlani for their Independence Day chapter, as they urge Indians and Pakistanis to come together and feed the hungry.

With 230 million people not getting two square meals in India and Pakistan, the initiative urges people to feed the poor and take part in the biggest act of freedom, while also promoting harmony between the two nations.

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