VIDEO: What if Lord Ram came to testify in a court? His arguments will put religious fanatics to shame

The very essence that defines India is ‘unity in diversity’. With the many languages, varied communities, scores of religious groups and faiths, how we all reside together, with a common identity of being Indians was something that defined us. However, the recent spate of shameful incidents of bloodshed and rifts spread across the country on the lines of religion, caste and language have raised many concerns. So, what if God himself came to testify in a court where these cases were on trial?

Poet Gaurav Tripathi imagined one such instance in his poem ‘Shri Ram Adalat Mein’ (Lord Ram In Court), which throws light at how the followers of Lord Ram deviated from his own teachings. Tripathi, through his evocative poem addresses, the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and the ongoing debate about building a Ram Mandir at the exact same spot.

Tripathi’s focuses on the basic concept of worship and devotion, a fact that religious fanatics often forget — all gods are one, and all are equal in God’s eyes. But it’s the end that hits you hard.

The powerful poetry was narrated by Tripathi himself at The Cuckoo Club and was subsequently uploaded on popular Youtube channel UnErase Poetry and since then has been winning hearts on the Internet.


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