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Video: What is Dappangkuthu? The original lungi dance, explained

“One of the greatest folk dance and music genres to grace the nation has been ever youthful- Dappangkuthu”- This is how the video begins with peppy music.

Here’s a fun seven-minute video on the popular folk dance and music genre Dappangkuthu by YouTube channel Put Chutney.

Pianist Anil Srinivasan could be seen in the video referring Dappangkuthu as “the original lungi dance.” It talks about four styles of Dappangkuthu- Ammuki kuthu, Gummang kuthu, Egiri kuthu and Valichu kuthu.

You know what is the most important thing a person needs to have for performing Dappanguthu? Gethu (swag). The video explains this interesting form of art using science and engineering in their own way.

Here’s the video:

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