Video: World’s fattest boy, weighing 192 kilos, put on crash diet

He has dropped out of school as he can no longer walk. (Photo: Screen grab)

A ten-year-old has been named the world’s fattest child. Arya Permana from West Java Province in Indonesia weighs 192 kilograms.

He is reduced to wearing just a sarong as clothes don’t fit him anymore. Now he has been put on crash diet because his parents fear that he might die.

He eats five times a day and his meal consists of beef, vegetable soup, rice and Tempeh – a soy patty.

He has dropped out of school as he can no longer walk and his mother said that he is ‘perpetually hungry’.

“He has an enormous diet and can actually eat meals of two adults at one time. My son is growing up at a rapid rate and I am worried for his health. I do not know any other way to stop him from gaining more weight than to give him less food. He can only take small steps before he loses balance. I wish to see my son studying and playing with other kids in the neighbourhood,” his mother Rokayah told The Daily Mail.

Arya is the second son of Rokayah, 35, and her husband Ade Somantri, 45. He was born via natural birth at home and weighed like normal kids.

However, at the age of two he started gaining weight at an abnormal rate. His parents weren’t worried initially and were happy to see their son ‘healthy’.

But after few year his weight went out of control and his parents realised that he was suffering from medical disorder and needed medical attention.

Arya’s parents took him to several doctors in their village but doctors couldn’t find anything alarming about the weight.

“They asked us to take him to better hospitals if we think he needs medical attention. I have spent money beyond my capacity on his treatment but I am a poor farmer and making ends meet is a big task for me. I have insufficient money to buy food to fulfil his large appetite. I borrow money so that he can eat. Of course, I cannot keep him starving. I am exhausted now and I cannot afford expensive hospitals. But I hope to see my son perfectly normal one day” said father Ade. Ade just makes £100 a month

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