Violence against Sikh Boy in The US


Violence against Sikh Boy in The US

With the Gurupurab festival being celebrated in India on the 4th of November, a sad news broke the hearts of millions. A sikh boy, 14 years old was beaten, knocked down, and punched by his classmates in the state of of Washington DC, United States. The boy was targeted for being an Indian, claims his father.

The boy while being beaten down, was also filmed by his classmates on a popular social media app- Snapchat. The victim was knocked down, beaten and punched again and again, even after he was trying to protect his head and crawl away.

The boy’s father was heartbroken and even said to news reporters that his son did not know the attackers, never interacted with them, and added that this should not happen to anyone else’s child. The school officials on the other hand said that the attack was not motivated because of religion and decent. The school further added, that the attackers, as well as the person filming the incident will be punished appropriately.

The Kent School claims to be one of the most diverse schools in the country. Authorities say that there are more than 27,000 students, speaking 150 languages. The case is latest wherein in the spite of hate crime, an Indian has been targeted.

6 months ago, a Sikh man was shot by someone while the shooter yelled “Go back to your country!”

To the incident, Sushma Swaraj tweeted, “I have seen news reports about the beating of a Sikh boy in US. I have asked the Indian Embassy in the US to send me a report on the incident.”

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