Violence against women in Delhi still on the rise with a rape reported every FOUR hours and a 300% increase in reports since the 2012 Nirbhaya horror


The 2012 Delhi rape shocked the world brought into focus crimes against women
In 2012 police had registered 706 FIR (complaints) of rapes but it has increased
In 2013 that number rose to 1,636 rapes, and again three folds higher in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with police registering 2,166, 2,199 and 2,155 FIRs respectively

Despite the best efforts, Delhi Police has been unable to stop or even slow the rise of crime against women in India’s Capital.

According to data made available to Mail Today, police registered 1,562 FIRs related to rape over the last eight and half months, which means a rape every four hours in the national Capital.

What is more alarming though is the new culture where women are kidnapped and gang-raped in moving cars on the streets of Delhi and NCR, cities similar to gruesome Nirbhaya incident in 2012.

Recently, a woman was kidnapped near a Metro station in Noida and gang-raped on the streets before being dumped her near Akshardham Metro station.

A woman in her twenties was abducted by three men from outside her house in Gurugram Sector 17 in May. She was gang-raped in a moving car before being dumped at an isolated place in Delhi’s Najafgarh.
On June 19, a native of Sikkim was kidnapped and gang-raped by three men in a moving car in Gurugram and driven through several parts of Delhi and its suburbs before being left on the road in Greater Noida.

Alarmingly, post Nirbhaya incident, it was assumed that crimes against women would go down as efforts to make the city safe were renewed, but unfortunately the data clearly states the opposite.

In 2012, police registered 706 FIR of rapes but it has increased almost two and half times in 2013 with 1,636 rape, three folds higher in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with police registering 2,166, 2,199 and 2,155 FIRs respectively.

‘Despite the punishment in rape cases being stringent, the accused are not bothered about it. It is the mindset of accused against women provoked them to commit heinous crime like rape and other offences coming under the categories of outraging the modesty of women,’ said a senior Delhi Police officer.

In addition to rape cases of kidnapping and molestation are also on the higher side with police registering 364 cases of kidnapping of women and 349 molestation cases in last one month.

So far, police have registered 2,675 kidnapping and 2,487 molestation cases in eight and half months of this year. Police registered 727 cases of molestation in 2012 but it rose almost five times in 2013 (3,515 cases) six folds higher in 2014 (4,322 cases), seven and half folds in 2015 (5,367 cases) and six folds in 2016 (4,165 cases).

Similarly, 2,048 cases of kidnapping were registered in 2012 and it rapidly reached 3,284 marks in 2013, 3,604 in 2014, 3,738 in 2015 and 3,445 in 2016.

The official admitted that crime against women in Delhi went up even after the Nirbhaya case. In many cases, sexual predators appeared to be relatives of victims and therefore easily crack the cases.


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