Visit these 4 destinations in South India for a cool vacation


These places are strikingly beautiful even in summer and will give you the perfect break from heat and pollution in the city. So you can forget all the summer essentials and just let calmer, kinder winds to tell you nice things. Visit South for the below mentioned destinations:

Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh

Often referred to as the ‘Kashmir of Andhra’, Lambasingi awaits with its mist-clad forests and the rustic, classic Indian village scenery. Bask in afterglow of intoxication in Lambasingi, when the clouds descend to the earth, redrawing mountain-lines every single day in the act of embracing and leaving, continuously. Walk under the blessed paths that seem to melt into oblivion, making each step you take an acute existential experience. Lambasingi shall remain as a breezy memory in your mind.

Vythiri, Kerala

It isn’t just for the fascinating, curiosity-provoking myths and legends that you must visit a few places, like the Chain Tree Legend in Vythiri. It’s about how these places exist like they are forever pure and gentle, like solace in summer. Vythiri is known for its astonishingly cool weather as compared to other parts of Wayanad, a district in Kerala that’s popular for its sprawling hills. Visit Vythiri for its salubrious, pleasant weather, when the months of summer have already crept into your drawing rooms, urging you to step out and explore the world: this is inspiration in disguise!

Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu

Certain faces of civilization are in harmony with nature, the earth, like a benchmark for a symbiotic system. And this hilly region of Tamil Nadu, called Kotagiri, a town that’s class apart, sets itself as the perfect example, even in Indian summer. Like an electrocardiogram of Earth, these vales and hills fall and rise in Kotagiri. See how the spikes can pierce something so inward in you that you will find a world within, an almost spiritual quest for you to set on this summer.

Devikulam, Kerala

Villages tucked away into hills and hills tucked away into taller hills. Here, mists don’t roil the calm waters of rivers and lakes. Waterfalls rush down, hurriedly, washing away everything and still being graceful with all their fury; it’s letting loose, to undo something in you, too. With its gorgeous slopes and poised ascents, its ethnographic attractions, its water bodies and so much more, Devikulam is no less than a calling for those who want to know why Kerala is called ‘God’s Own Country’.

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