Volcanic eruptions left thousands of people stranded in Bali, Indonesia

Volcanic eruptions left thousands of people stranded in Bali, Indonesia

Volcanic eruptions left thousands of people stranded in Bali, Indonesia

Thousand of people have been evacuated from their homes in the north-east parts of the Mount Agung in Indonesia. The volcanic eruptions near the area on the island have led to the closure of not  just the island, but also of the airport.

The volcanic eruptions began with thick ash being shot thousands of meters into the air right above the mountain on Saturday. This led to the forceful closure of the airport and flights either being diverted or cancelled.

At the main international airport, flights have been cancelled since 7:15 in the morning for the next 24 hours on Monday, local time. This has left about 59 thousand people being stranded on the island in both international and domestic categories.

According to the Board Chairman of the Bali Tourism, the decision was taken because of the presence of volcanic ash still present at higher altitudes. This presence can easily hinder aviation support and can affect flights departure and takeoff as well. This was a prompt decision keeping in view the circumstances.

According to sources, there is still left a potential for an even larger volcanic eruption. Level 4 alert was issued on Monday, which intends to stop all public activities within a radius of 10 kilometers. Anyone within this distance had to evacuate. Approximately 24,000 residents have been evacuated across the island.

Bali is an amazing and the most popular tourist destination welcoming over a million visitors every year. Some tourists were left scared, while others shocked over the incident. Some claim the incident to be scary yet amazing at the same time.

The alert for the volcanic eruption was first raised in September this year and thousands of people were evacuated from their homes then on. Travellers were warned to keep away at least 12 kilometers from Mount Agung. The last time Mount Agung erupted was in 1963 when it led to 1,700 people losing their lives. The evacuation zone this time was based on the previous experience.

The eruption of Mount Agung started on Saturday which swept high into the sky. The ash for the  same reached approximately 4,000 meters high. The cloud of smoke reached about 9,100 meters later by Monday. The first eruption on Saturday started around 5:30 in the evening, while continuing till Sunday on a medium scale. The volcanic eruptions moved to a higher level as they turned even more severe, magmatic and vicious.

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