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Vuva Harsha us back: Telugu you tube sensation takes hilarious potshots at drunk drivers

Popular YouTube star ‘Viva’ Harsha, who rose to popularity with The Viva, a comedy video, has come up with his next video, Drink and Drive, a funny video against drunken driving.

Alongside actor Harsha, several YouTube stars including Das Anna feature in the nine-minute video. The video also features actor Sai Dharam Tej.

The hilarious video, depicting the several incidents of how drunk people try to evade cops, citing influence, claiming to be big shots and the several other knacks they pull out have made the video go viral.

In the video, Harsha enacts the role of the smart cop who thwarts all attempts of the serial offenders who try to escape checking of those who drink and drive.

The special appearance of Das Anna driving the scooter, in which his pillion rider confidently mocks the cops while attempting to whizz past them, only to be tragically caught by Harsha is sure to make you laugh.

Harsha’s earlier video, The Viva, in which he pranks the students, claiming to be the external examiner, has more than 11 million views.

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