Was India-Pakistan match fixed? A shocking tweet comes to light


Yesterday’s ICC Champions Trophy Final match was nothing short of a nightmare for India – which Pakistan clinching the trophy by 180 runs!

While the statistics were on India’s favour, it is no doubt that a cricket match does not depend on statistics but on the better side on the particular day. And frankly, we all thought Pakistan played well and clinched the trophy.

But was it all about performance yesterday? You will be shocked to know that a Twitter account named “Indiana_Jones” had predicted the match yesterday afternoon just as it turned out to be in the evening. Here’s the tweet:

Indiana Jokes @Indiana_Jokes
#INDvPAK and today Indian score wud be – 50/4. Rohit, dhawan & kohli all will get out cheaply. India will lose by 150 runs.
4:55 PM – 18 Jun 2017
259 259 Retweets 350 350 likes

Note the time of the tweet – it was 4:55pm in Indian time, just before India came out to bat. Yea, in the next tweet he says that it’s all his “simple cricketing reasons” but how could they be so so accurate?

Not just this one – the WhatsApp messages between these two Gujarati people also showcase similar possibilities:

Notice the price mentioned? If Pakistan wins, 10 will get converted into 11 – if such people resides in India, we wonder what will come out of our team in future!

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