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Watch: 65,000 fans with great taste in music, and time to kill. This is what they did

What does 65,000-strong crowd with excellent taste in music do when it has time to kill? At a July concert in London, fans waiting for Green Day to take the stage amused themselves with an impromptu rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Thanks to a strategically-placed camera, the moment was captured, and then uploaded by Green Day on their official YouTube page on July 3.

The crowd did have a little musical accompaniment to help them out – some of those iconic piano chords could be heard playing softly, as well as a quiet drum beat to keep them in sync. Not that they needed it – by the time they’d arrived at the ‘Scaramouche’ verse, the enthusiasm had reached a crescendo.

The top comment on the video summed up everyone’s sentiments. “Only Queen can rock an entire stadium without even being there,” it said, attracting more than 5,000 likes.

The official Twitter handle of Queen responded enthusiastically: “We love you Green Day fans!”

Bohemian Rhapsody has been a signature Queen song for over four decades, since its release in 1975. It has been covered numerous times, and was most recently featured on the soundtrack of the film Suicide Squad, as sung by Panic! At the Disco.

A biopic starring Ben Whishaw as the flamboyant lead singer Freddie Mercury is being prepped.

Green Day, the punk rockers known for their own signature hit, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, are currently on a world tour on the heels of releasing their twelfth studio album, Revolution Radio.

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