Watch: Doing this may save your life one day!

Life is very uncertain. You never know what might happen and when. In those times it is always helpful to know what to do, without pressing the panic button.

Most people are aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to saving a person from choking. Press the person’s chest hard from behind, enough that the thing they’re choking on shoots out.

But how many of you know what to do in that situation if it happens to you and you’re alone? That’s a life and death situation and you obviously won’t be in a state to call someone.

That thought never came to you, right? Well, that thought definitely seemed to strike Jeff Rehman.

A fire medic with 22 years of experience, Jeff Rehman came up with an effective method to help and save yourself if dealing with this kind of situation.

Watch Jeff Rehman demonstrate the method to you, below!

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