Watch: Japan’s underground bicycle parking system seems to be straight out of a Bond film

Remember the time in a James Bond movie when 007 presses a button in a hallway to open a secret entrance which leads him to the Bond villain’s elaborate and sinister lair?

Or when Bruce Wayne hits three notes on a piano to reveal the entrance behind a grandfather clock to the Batcave?
As it turns out, Japan has a system which reminded us of that moment a super spy or superhero enters a secret lair. But it’s not a person which goes into this entrance. It’s a bicycle.
Yes, you heard that right. Japan has developed an entire underground bicycle parking technology for its citizens. After going through a small entrance to a lift which makes its way underground, the bicycle entersa mind-blowing maze-like area which could store a lot of bicycles for as long as you want.
At the press of a button, the required bicycle is brought back to the ground level.
While going a big way in removing the congestion on the road as well, it also reduces the risk of the bicycle getting stolen.

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