Watch: Kate Winslet narrates beautiful short film on bullying

Oscar-winning actor Kate Winslet has lent her voice to an anti-bullying animated short film Daisy Chain.

40-year-old has admitted that bullies made fun of her appearance while growing up. As an adult, she has cultivated a positive body image and made it her mission to help others build self-confidence.

So when it came time for writer-director Galvin Scott Davis to cast the voice of the lead character in his new animated short about bullying, Winslet was an obvious choice, reports people.com.

Daisy Chain is a story about a young girl who is bullied, and through the help of a friend she learns to create a “daisy chain” so strong that even her bullies can’t break it down.

The five-minute video with hand-drawn animation was inspired by Davis’s 9-year-old son, who came home from school and confided in his father about being picked on by a peer.
Instead of simply talking to his son, Davis decided to take action. He encouraged his son and the bully to work on a series of comic books together that would later become Daisy Chain.

Along with the short film, Daisy Chain is also an illustrated book, an App and character figurines.

Watch Daisy Chains:

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