Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio Save The World In His Newly Released Documentary ‘Before The Flood’

Leonardo DiCaprio is trying to save the world, one good cause at a time. His latest documentary, Before the Flood, is a step towards that change.

In the movie, DiCaprio travels around the world trying to gauge the extent of global warming and to find possible solutions to save the planet from irrevocable damage.

In the National Geographic Channel movie, DiCaprio dons the roles of an inquisitor, journalist, researcher, etc. and meets with the people from different corners of the world in his bid to understand the depth of climate change.

The movie reveals how everyone on the planet has the same possible fate – even though they are separated by borders and religion – that if came to effect can destroy their lives.

Watch DiCaprio in his quest to find answers in this 95-minute long documentary that is currently available for free on YouTube.

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