WATCH: Taher Shah’s back with a tree, a cat and ‘humanity love’ for the New Year

Unlike most other years, when December 31 is all about the wait for midnight to welcome the new year, this time, though, for Indians and Pakistanis, the wait was of a different kind. For the former, it was a countdown to 7.30pm when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to address the nation and for the latter, it was probably controversial singer Taher Shah’s new single, Humanity Love.

The wait for midnight of January 1, 2017, came secondary!

Well, while Modi’s speech sounded more like a pre-budget announcement that according to those with a funny bone has been summerised thus: “After PM’s speech, happiest person would be a 65 year old homeless pregnant female farmer”, singer Taher Shah’s new single has a lot of advice to those in love.

Exchanging his purple and blue gowns for a golden night suit(?), Shah sat in an ornate Gothic-Jacobean-style chair, stroking a white furry cat and an overall demeanour that was more eerie than soothing as he recited a poem on love. His long, curly locks tied up in a top bun, the whole set is extremely reminiscent of Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget.

Mohabbat hai imaan mera, pyaar meri pehchaan… (Love is my faith, love is my identity)”, starts Shah, sitting beside a golden (what else) tree, that seems to have taken a leaf out of an O Henry story. We would like to think that the poem urges people to not be scared to love and express that love to the object of one’s affection, but since not much of the shaiyri made sense, we could be wrong.

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