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Watch: The new Batman v Superman trailer is an epic doozy

The new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con and it’s a doozy – providing flashes of the much-anticipated showdown between the two big superheroes of the DC Comics universe and a teaser or two about a certain villain called the Joker.

The trailer sets up the reason for the animosity between Batman and Superman – the destruction of Wayne Tower by Superman’s heat vision, apparently during the climactic fight of Man of Steel”, while an angry Bruce Wayne watches on, in a scene strangely reminiscent of the destruction of the Twin Towers during the 9/11 terror attacks.

You get glimpses of people protesting against Superman’s powers and a US Congressional hearing aimed at finding out what the crusader from Krypton stands for.

There’s also footage of Batman preparing for his showdown with Superman in a special tricked out metal suit which director Zack Snyder and star Ben Affleck have referred to as a “mech suit”.

Snyder has said the new suit is aimed more at Batman’s self-preservation. “It’s not really enhancing his strength more than protecting him or buying him time. And he’s just gonna get pummelled like a piñata,” Snyder said at Comic-Con, giving an indication of the fight that should be one of the highlights of Batman V Superman.

The new trailer provided short snippets of that showdown as well as the first footage of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (the first time this DC character has appeared on the big screen) and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, albeit a Luthor who is neither bald nor camp as in the past. And we also get a glimpse of Luthor toying around with what appears to be Kryptonite, the only thing that can hurt Superman.

And if you watch closely, there are several hints that the Joker has some sort of presence in Batman V Superman, though there are no indications so far that the classic Batman villain will appear in the film.

In a sequence in the Batcave, Bruce Wayne is shown looking at a costume of Robin with what clearly appears to be a message from the Joker – the “ha ha” is a giveaway. Well, in the Batman comics, the second Robin – Jason Todd – was beaten to death by the Joker.

And it’s also very clear that this a much older Batman taking on a younger Superman played by Henry Cavill. As Affleck said at Comic-Con:
“He’s at the end of his rope, he’s older, he’s like … a burnout.”

Watch the trailer:

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