Watch: The new ‘Dilwale’ sneak preview is as confusing as the first trailer

A week before Dilwale releases, the makers have decided to release a second trailer. This one supposedly gives us a sneak preview of the love story between Kajol’s Meera and Shah Rukh Khan’s Raj. What we get instead is a mash up of gun shots, car chases and some dancing in the rain by Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.
The sneak preview of Meera-Raj’s love story includes hints to what seems to be the multiple times that Meera has tried to kill Raj – from knocking his car off a cliff to shooting him in the chest. Despite that, their love is eternal, and tough for either of them to forget. “Kuch aisa tha hamara pyaar, jo na jeene deta tha na marne (this is how our love was, it would neither let us live nor let us die),” says Raj.
Ok, so this Raj is not the guitar-playing one in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge nor is Meera a scared Simran who can’t go against her family’s wishes. Their love is far more explosive. Which is fine, except that it includes really bad dialogues like:
Meera: Jhooth bol rahe ho tum (You are lying)
Raj: Ye sach hai, meri aankhon mein dekho (This is the truth, look into my eyes.)
And then he grabs her by her hair and bends her backwards.
Most other shots in this sneak preview are ones you’ve already seen in the first trailer or in the song videos. If there’s anything worth watching this sneak preview for, it’s the scenery. From the city streets, an aerial shot of the sloping roofs of houses and the cliff view, the backdrop of each shot is simply breathtaking. It’s so beautiful that even when Shah Rukh and Kajol are in the frame, your eyes get drawn to the backdrop. And that does not bode well for the film.

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