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Watch the song every happy-to-be single Indian woman will find relatable

Every single Indian woman – starting from her mid-20s or early 30s – inevitably gets asked the question ‘When are you getting married?’ at least once in her lifetime. The query could come from people who otherwise wouldn’t really be bothered about your life like next-door neighbours or distant relatives you never knew existed. Now you even have a song that perfectly fits your situation.

The video titled Sacchi Savitris is a desi parody version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep with lyrics that describe how Indian society manages to suffocate women who have no plans of getting married and are completely happy the way they are. Most of the stuff being sung is something that they wish they could say to the faces of these nosy folks but decide otherwise.

The song Beta Get Married has been written Rashi Mal and performed by her and Vasuda Sharma.

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