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Watch: This powerful documentary featuring Kalki Koechlin is all about the evils of human trafficking

While we were busy watching the parade on Republic Day a few days ago, a small documentary film uploaded on YouTube, starring Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, Kalki Koechlin, Tiss director PM Nair and many others, was questioning the idea of freedom.

The film, aptly titled Freedom Matters, questioned one of the biggest evils humanity faces today: Human trafficking.

The 30-odd-minute-long film starts off by debunking myths about trafficking, such as the fact that it is not just restricted to sex trafficking. In fact, labour trafficking makes up 68 percent of the total global figures.

Satyarthi, Kalki and other activists and commentators weigh in and explain to the viewers how we are perpetrating this horrible social evil by encouraging domestic help, grocery stores that employ kids and even turning a blind eye to the begging racket.

She then brings our notice to a website titled ‘Made in a Free World’ where you can graph your trafficking footprint depending on your lifestyle choices, and the products you buy and consume.

She herself admits that her count is 47, and that it is quite difficult to curb an evil that isn’t spoken about much. The reason, she claims, is that trafficking is a global, billion-dollar industry and mainstream media doesn’t talk about it.

Freedom is a heavy word, and the makers of the documentary are aware of it.

Watch Freedom Matters here:

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