Watch: What type of headache do you suffer from? This is what it can mean!

Headaches are something that all of us get at some point in our day to day lives. The causes of the same could be anything, for example, blood pressure (high and low), migrain, eye problems, noise, cold, etc. But some people also suffer from chronic headaches.

They can range from light, mild headaches to strong throbbing ones. But did you know that there are actually four main types of headaches? They are:

1. Sinus – This type of headache occurs above the eyes and radiates below them.

2. Tension – This type of headache occurs primarily above the eyes in the forehead area.

3. Migraine – This tends to be unilateral and radiates from the top of the face to the bottom, down the midline.

4. Cluster – Cluster usually occurs over one eye.

These four types of headaches can be either stress-related or can also be indicative of more serious problems. For instance, bleeding in the brain, an aneuryism, brain tumour or a stroke.

So how do we differentiate between a stress-related headaches and one that could turn out to be serious? The video below, tells us exactly that.

Watch the video:

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