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Watch: Zombie apocalypse prank scares the living daylights out of commuters


Everybody loves a zombie apocalypse. However, what some people fail to understand is that this statement holds true only while watching the Resident Evil series or The Walking Dead, not in real life.

The horror fantasy of the world one day being taken over by the creepy flesh-eating undead, which ultimately leads to the extinction of mankind, is one of our favourite fantasies and has been used over and over again in Hollywood and TV shows. Even Bollywood made its entry into the zombie movies with Go Goa Gone. The internet is also full of memes about zombies, the different kinds of zombies and the resources you need to fight a zombie apocalypse.
But the makers of the Brazilian programme Silvio Santos took this one step further. The channel decided to play a prank on several women travelling in a subway train in Brazil by unleashing a fake zombie apocalypse to test the survival skills of the women.
With a horde of fake but very real-looking zombies planted outside the train, it is safe to say that the prank scared the living daylights out of all the women. One of them even fainted due to the prank.
Strangely though, the prank was not played on any man in the video. As one of the commenters very rightly asked, “Where are men, by the way?”

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