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‘We are electing people who can’t say Bharat Mata Ki Jai’: Kapil Mishra ‘ashamed’ to share stage with Mehbooba


Kapil Mishra had a spat with Mehbooba Mufti at a tourism event.

Hours after launching an attack at Mehbooba Mufti by saying tourism would not thrive in Kashmir as long as terrorism existed in the state, Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra on Tuesday said sharing stage with the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister would be an insult for him. ‘This is the first time I met Mehbooba Mufti. I have asked her four questions. She once said that had they knew that Burhan Wani was hiding, he could have been saved. They consider Afzal Guru as a freedom fighter. If she does not answer, the BJP must answer as to why such people are coming to power who don’t love the nation and aren’t ready to recognise terrorists as terrorists,’ Mishra told the reporters.

‘We are electing such people who are not even ready to say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai.’I do not want to share any stage with her. Sharing stage with her is an insult. I am not questioning Mehbooba Mufti’s election; I am questioning her stand on this sensitive issue,’ he added. Speaking at the launch function of the Bharat International Travel Bazaar (BITB), Mishra earlier had said, “It does not work this way that we will not call Burhan Wani a terrorist but tourism will have to flourish in India. How will that happen’ You will say Afzal Guru is not a terrorist and that he should not be hanged. How will tourism develop’ It is not going to happen.”

Earlier, the Delhi Minister asked Mehbooba “if she considered Burhan Wani a terrorist.’ ‘It can’t be that you don’t accept Burhan Wani as a terrorist and then expect tourism to increase. Terrorism and tourism can’t go together. Mahesh Sharma said Kashmir is our pride, but terrorists are treated as tourists there,’ said Mishra.

‘We can fight Pakistan, but how do we fight with people who give shelter to terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir,’ he added.

The AAP leader underlined that it is “painful” to see that “terrorists are being treated as tourists in Kashmir.”

After Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Sharma taunted Mehbooba Mufti for not accepting Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani as a terrorist; the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister retorted that women are the safest in Kashmir.

Speaking at the launch function of the Bharat International Travel Bazaar (BITB), Mehbooba said, ‘Any place in the world, including Delhi, women are safest in my Kashmir. They move around in shikaras and houseboats. That’s the biggest thing my state can offer. As compared to any place in the world, including Delhi, women and girls are safest; there is no fear of getting raped in a car.’

She also said that the biggest confidence building measure would be if a visit is paid to Jammu and Kashmir.

‘The biggest confidence building measure is if you visit our state, it shows that you trust us. We need you, I don’t know if you need Kashmir or not, but Kashmir needs you,’ Mehbooba said.

‘People of our nation are so nice and so are the people of Jammu and Kashmir,’ she added.

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