What Is Not Anti-National About JNU Students’ Event On Feb 9?


Even as news pours in about former Delhi University lecturer, SAR Geelani’s arrest on charges of sedition for allegedly spearheading the Press Club event organised to mark the death anniversary of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, I am absolutely appalled by the way some of the opposition leaders in the country are responding to it.

Mr Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Vice President, has slammed the Govt action and questioned what is anti-national about the event. Not only that he has even gone on to say,“ Most anti-national people are those suppressing the voice of students in JNU.” He is not alone in this outburst. Prominent Left leaders, other major political players like Nitish Kumar have come out vehemently against the Govt’s move and called it as an affront against the weak! Sad to say I am utterly shocked at the mindlessness of this whole turn of events.

A country that is ravaged by the scourge of Pakistan encouraged terrorism for decades now, decided to take strong action against the person who was a key participant in the attack on the biggest altar of Indian democracy, the Indian Parliament. Years later a group of students observe the day he was hung and raised anti-India slogans. That in itself is not just that development to be slammed but also be dealt with iron hands. Just like the Constitution of the country gives us freedom of expression, it has given the responsibility to upkeep the nation’s honour to every single Indian. Is this how all these Indian Passport holders, in question, showing their tribute to this great nation of our.

I will not get into a debate if BJP backed forces have assaulted against students or the landlords around the area are justified in expelling JNU students from their property till we find a solution to the primary problem.

“As Indian do we have the right to support those who executed and envisaged acts of terror in the country?” Does individual glory emerge bigger than national pride and just what’s exactly the point that opposition parties are trying to make by supporting the perpetrators of this event? Mr Nitish Kumar has doubted if people will cast their votes in favour of the Govt again in 2019 on the basis of this current event. I would be more wary of forces like Mr Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi who choose to put the national interest in the back-burner if it does not match their personal interest!

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