What Role Can India-Abu Dhabi Friendship Play In Tackling Pakistani Terror Ploys?


The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has been invited as the Republic Day guest for the celebrations in January. This move by Narendra Modi is being seen as a major positive to further India’s ties with the Middle East nations and employ a strategic measure in isolating Pakistan for furthering terror activities on India soil.

India has always enjoyed strong ties with Abu Dhabi and the significant amount of Indian diaspora there would justify India’s interest but currently it is seen as way more strategic step in enhancing India’s relationship with the entire region. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi also has a significant influence over the security and geo-political strategy of the region and forging strong ties with him could play a pivotal role in India’s long-tem policy of tackling terrorism. The fact that he also serves as the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE armed forces is surely a major plus.

Ever since he took over, Prime Minister Modi has followed the Middle East strategy with zeal and needless to mention that his quickfire visits to many of the countries in the region in the recent past has surely helped strengthen India’s position with the countries in the region. India and Abu Dhabi have forged similar stance on terrorism and also expressed a deep commitment towards fighting the scourge of terrorism. In what will be the Crown Prince’s second visit after the February visit already this year, it is expected that Abu Dhabi will feature as a prominent player in India’s fight against terrorism globally and in trying to corner Pakistan for continuously abetting terror strikes in India.

Narendra Modi has continuously used the Republic Day event to forge strong economic and bilateral ties with various nations like US and France and perhaps closer alliance with Middle Eastern nations might also create the military might that could look towards standing up against a potential Chinese support to Pakistan in its unholy designs in the name of religion.

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