What This Guy Was Trying To Smuggle In His Pants Is Basically Animal Cruelt


Unfortunately for the birds, authorities believe that they were not sedated when they were tucked into the man's underwear.

Have you ever sat next to a fidgety person on a plane? Yeah, me too. It’s pretty annoying. But most of the time you can’t blame them. They’re just a fidgety person.

But maybe, just maybe, they’re trying to secretly smuggle a dozen hummingbirds in their underpants. I know how crazy it sounds, but that’s exactly what one Dutch traveler attempted to do on a flight from Cayenne, in French Guiana, Africa into France.

The man, who had previously been arrested for hummingbird smuggling, looked uncomfortable and was fidgeting quite a bit. French customs officers noticed the suspecious behavior and stopped him for additional questioning.

In his defense, that does look like a very uncomfortable underpants situation.
Those poor birds, I just hope that they weren’t trapped in that man’s underwear for too long. That’s some pretty terrible and unique animal cruelty.


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