What’s India’s Next Step In The Aftermath Of Pak Retaliation?


It is a strange day with a rather uneasy calm across India. Every second whatsapp forward is surprising about war preparedness. From what essentials should individuals stack at home to whether you should send children to school and what not.

Perhaps that is why it is only appropriate that we sit and understand the course of action that generally follows. Not sure if it can limit the panic mongering but at Clamorworld, it is our initiative to help our viewers make some informed choices.

Currently the biggest priority for the country is IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who is in Pakistani custody. The efforts are on to bring him back safely and unharmed. The Pakistani response on this matter can be a game-changer of sorts going forward in this case.

New Delhi has conveyed to Islamabad that “no harm” should come to the pilot, and source based reports suggest Pakistan Army has indicated it will ensure “humane treatment.” But the fact that the video of the pilot being interviewed was released soon after breached certain provisions of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of Prisoners of War in some ways. Pakistan has to play it by the book.

Normally prisoners are returned within 2-3 days soon after the medical check-up. But as we had seen in case of Air Force Pilot K Nachiketa in 1999, he was returned after 8 days of hard negotiation. Pakistan may drag its feet and delay the return and drag it up to 10 days as a kind of insurance to restrain Indian action as of now. On the other hand some other sources indicate Pakistan may also want to score a moral high ground by releasing the PoW without much ado. With the entire world watching the current standoff, the pressure is on both sides.

Meanwhile India is also working at keeping all the diplomatic channels active. So far 50 countries have come out with strong condemnation of the Pulwama attack and some have also taken exception to the Pak foreign secretary’s denial about potential Pak involvement. From India’s standpoint, they may be keen on getting a more direct action from countries globally.

The sources at the Prime Minister’s office indicate that the government is working in close collaboration with a variety of world bodies and diplomatic channels. The effort is to bring about a de-escalation of the tension and resolve through dialogue. The Army, Navy and the air Force meanwhile are on high alert. Commercial flights are also affected due to airspace restrictions between the two countries.

As responsible citizens we need to keep calm and wait. Panic mongering need to be stalled and rumours should be nipped in the bud. Let us join hands and do our bit in keeping our country safe.

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