A good samaritan found the ticket at Parel station, shared details on his Whatsapp groups and located the student within hours.

A Higher Secondary student had all but missed her exam on Monday but for a good samaritan and technology. Just two days before her exam, Sheetal Gothi, a Commerce student of Hinduja College, lost her hall ticket somewhere near the Lower Parel station. A man passing by the station the next day found the ticket, shared its details on several groups on social media app Whatsapp. The ticket was delivered at her doorstep within hours.

On Saturday evening, Sheetal, a resident of Lower Parel (W), was returning from tuition when the ticket fell out of her bag at the station. The next day around 11:30 am, Bharat Jain, a jeweller and a resident of Lower Parel (E), spotted the ticket. “A man was looking at it. I realised the details on the ticket were similar to those on my son’s hall ticket, who is appearing for his HSC exams,” said Jain.

Coincidentally, Jain’s son is also a Commerce student from Hinduja College and shares his exam centre– Marwari Community High School in Girgaon—with Sheetal. Jain then immediately called the state board helpline. “Since it was Sunday, the officials said they couldn’t help me and sounded clueless. So I put the ticket up on all my Whatsapp groups, hoping she would get to know somehow,” said Jain.

Jain shared the details on 28 group chats around noon. The message was then forwarded to all kinds of groups, including the media. Two-anda-half hours later, Jain received a call from Sheetal. “I had never thought it would take just a couple of hours to get in touch with a complete stranger,” he said.

Sheetal was equally astonished. “I didn’t even realise I had lost my hall ticket until my cousin told me about this message that circulating on Whatsapp. I immediately called Mr Jain. He came and gave me the ticket,” she said. She was able to appear for her Book Keeping and Accountancy exam on Monday and will appear for her Information and Technology paper in the last week of March.

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