Which way the jallikattu protest was going wrong


Caution – Unverified news:

Which way the jallikattu protest was going wrong and what made the state government to take a strong decision like lathi charge. Here are few essence of the information:

* On 26th January, a tamil organisation (A federation of various small organisation and celebrities like Seeman, Amir, Gowthaman) have planned to introduce a separate tamilnadu flag, map. They have also planned to remove the Indian flag from Chennai Marina’s war memorial and hoist separate tamilnadu flag. This report was sent by IB to Central home ministry and PM office.

* Director gowthaman who was suffering to pay his house rent a few months before had a very heavy liquid cash transactions last few days. This made a doubt to IB team and enquiry was more shocking. A huge fund was mobilized all over the world from LTTE supporters and the cash provided to Gowthaman and few others was to plant separatist ideologies among peaceful protesters.

* Seeman @ Simon, Thirumurugan Gandhi were the people who was choosed to lead the moment from front and he had been paid enough to do that.

* A chritian college management in chennai and few christian missionaries played a major role in bringing in fisherman community (Converted Christians) into the movement. Koodankulam Uthayakumar’s team worked day and night. Fishermen and their family who took part in procession and protest demanding separate tamilnadu were paid 400 Rs/ head daily and offered free food and alcohol.

* IB had also sniffed that Naxal Paari group, maoist supporters, ISIS supporters have invaded inside the peaceful protesters to preach their terrorism ideologies among people and spread hatred on India.

* A huge plan was executed by Islamic radical organisation to spread hatred on Modi. A stage setup on the middle of Marina protest helped them a lot with that motive. Bit notice were supplied to people participating in protest with an intention to spread hatred on BJP, RSS and Brahmin community.

* On the other side a team setup by Natarajan (Sasikala’s husband ) was spreading hatred on CM Mr.Ops and Modi. News7 owner Vaikundarajan funded the move and helped Natarajan by telecasting negative news on OPS and Modi via his channel.

* In many places DMK goons entered into the protest and spreading hatred on TN government and OPS. They started influencing the crowd in a wrong way.

* 3 days before when Mr.Karthikeya Sivasenathipathy, Mr.Rajasekar, HiP hop tamila aadhi met central home minister in Delhi, all these issues were brought to their knowledge with evidence and IB report.

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