Who will win Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections

Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections

Who will win? : Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections.

The Legislative Assembly Elections in Himachal Pradesh are to be held on November 9, 2017; while those in Gujarat are to be held in two phases- on the 9th of December, and the 18th of December. With the election dates announced, parties are all set to take all kinds of measures to ensure their prestigious seat in the upcoming Assembly elections.

The elections are becoming the talk of the town, gradually, as the days of polling come closer. Gujarat which has been under the rule of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is under the scrutiny of various opinion polls and political analysts.

According to the recent India Today Opinion Poll, BJP is likely to win by a majority in both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. In Himachal Pradesh, BJP is expected to win 43-37 assembly seats out of a total 68 seats. While the Congress Party could win 21-25 seats.

While more focused lighting is being shed on Gujarat, which after 2012, becomes a significant political ground, especially for the Bharatiya Janata Party. According to the poll, the Gujarat elections, which are going to be held in two phases at the end of this year, the BJP party might win 115-125 seats, while the Congress could be winning only 57-65 seats, of the 182 Assembly seats. The predicted percentage for the BJP is about 48% while for the Congress Party is 38%.

If these opinions polls are to be believed, the BJP tally, this time around, in 2017, would be much better as compared to the year 2012. This is not just a win-win situation for the BJP but shows that people of Gujarat still have their faith restored in the party. According to sources, the residents of Gujarat, as well as the respondents to the surveys spoke about the ‘good’ done by the Prime Minister and his team, in recent times.

While the scenario for BJP and the Congress Party have come in view, the other parties are likely to win a maximum of three seats in the upcoming assembly elections.

It was also revealed in the survey that approximately 43% people supported Vijay Rupani as the new Chief Minister of the state. Many people spoke of the benefits, Shri Narendra Modi, being the Prime Minister of the country, could be bringing to Gujarat. While 31% people spoke otherwise. The economic initiatives taken by the Modi-led Government did not go so well in the state of Gujarat, which could be a factor. Approximately 51% people who responded to the survey were unhappy with the latest taxation reform- the Goods and Services Tax; while 53% are unhappy with the pivotal step of Demonetization.

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