Why It is Better To Invest In Silver This Dhanteras


Clamorwarld Exclusive:- Why It is Better To Invest In Silver This Dhanteras

I am sure as you start this Dhanteras morning, you are already making plans about what to buy this evening. But the point is should you be investing in gold or silver? Is there too much difference in the kind of returns they yield? Gold is traditionally the most sought-after precious metal. But if you assess the performance of both the metals just this year, YTD gold returns are merely 10% while silver has gained 22% in the same period. But it is not just about this year. Take any point of comparison, 5-years, 10-years and even 20 years , silver decidedly has projected a distinctly higher rate of return.

  • Silver More Affordable: Silver is still a more affordable metal, despite its high usage. The current gold rate is hovering around 29,250/10 gm but on the contrary silver prices are around ₹40,000/kg. So if your investment target is ₹50,000, you will be able to afford less than 20 gms of gold. But in the same amount, you can buy almost 1.25 kg of silver.
  • Higher Profit Potential: So 22% return on 1.25 kg will surely be more than 10% on 20 gms. Therefore, you can easily get a much higher rate of profit by investing in silver. Moreover, the annual silver supply is much lower than gold. As a result of it, silver will rise way more than gold on days it gains.
  • Silver Is Indispensable: Another major factor that supports silver’s charm as an investment is its widespread use. From industrial products to utensils to jewellery, the charm of silver is absolutely stupendous. Therefore global economic growth can have a significantly higher impact on the silver prices with rising demand.

Therefore, silver for all practical purposes could be a much better tool to invest in 2017. It is affordable and produces a distinctly higher rate of return in a given time frame.

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