Why One Must Visit Rajgarh In Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is one of those states which never disappoints its visitors in any manner. The state is the perfect mixture of places which are meant for the spiritual inclined, for the lovers of nature, for the adventure seekers, for those people who would just wander around the place doing nothing. . . in short, Himachal Pradesh is an one-stop destination for all the requirements. Rajgarh is one such place which charms its visitors with its natural beauty, the peaceful ambiance and much more; it is a herculean task to describe its charming nature in words but it must be experienced. A hands on experience, definitely, would give out a whole different perspective in getting to know the place better. Here have a look at 5 reasons why you must visit Rajgarh!

1. For Its Simplicity The residents of the hamlet lead a very happy and content life with minimal comforts in comparison to the city dwellers. The people here are not very keen about embracing modernisation, simply because they are happy with the resources they have. One would fall in love with the place as one would watch how they embrace their lives, traditions and lead a very content life.

2. Home To Innumerable Waterfalls Yes! You read it right, one would come across a waterfall every 10-20 km which may not be visible from the road but are hidden in the woods, for which one would have to hike up and be mesmerised by its beauty. The hiking route from Rondi offers a series of waterfalls one after the other each one more attractive than the other.

3. The Abode of Shirgul Maharaj At an altitude of 3640 m, one would come across a 5000-year-old shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva who is known as Shirgul Maharaj which is major draw here. The shrine witnesses a large inflow of pilgrims who believe that their sins would be washed away once they come here and offer water to the Lingam.

4. Close To Mother Nature Waiting to experience the wilderness? Then this is the place for you to get the feel and thrill of being in a forest which is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. The forest here comprises predominantly of rhododendron and pine trees where one can capture various avian species and if you are lucky enough, even a leopard. The place is haven for the wildlife and nature lovers where one can spot the Himalayan monal, Indian peafowl and many more animals and birds.

5. Base Camp Of Churdhar Peak The Churdhar peak is also known as the Churi Chandni Dhar which in translation means the bangles of the snow ridge. The peak is considered to be as the highest peak away from the Himalayan ranges of the state. The trek to its summit begins with a steep and inclined hike through dense deodar forests, terraced farm lands and pasture lands. The peak is located within a 56 sq km forest sanctuary which further adds on to its charm.

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