Woman, Bring Out the Entrepreneur Within You


Every idea is worth millions, depending on how it is conceived and delivered. Being a creative individual, new ideas cross my mind every few minutes. So much so, that I always keep pen and paper handy to sketch my ideas or to note them down.

While I studied the technical aspects of designing from some of the best people in the industry, the business know how came from experimenting with various modules. When I decided to start a venture, I realized that it was no different from planting a seed.

Today in the world of technology and fast-paced environment, the urban woman is constantly juggling between her home and the outside world. She has many dreams and plans to soar high. But, in the pursuit of feeling special and secure, she risks her health, her relationships, and many a time compromises her values to adjust into the new world.

Many of us only discover much later that what we have lost while achieving our dreams was much more precious than what we have earned in the process.

Entrepreneurship has been my favourite topic of discussion. It gives us the freedom to do what we love and gives a structure to our passion for a particular idea or talent.

Around 20 years ago, I started my first entrepreneurial venture of designing my own style of clothing. It was totally non-commercial, with a mixture of crazy ideas balanced with wearability. I started at the young age of 24 and had only a limited amount of funding. I balanced my business growth slowly and steadily. Life has been wonderful so far; a hundred -crore turnover from a few thousands was indeed a feat of pride and joy.

At that time, my dreams were huge and I had the belief that anything was possible. I was so naïve that I thought I could even hold the moon in my hands if I wished. I trained under Neeta Lulla. She used to tell us stories of how she designed for Sridevi, the famous Indian actress. I also trained under Hemant Trivedi, who was associated with Sheetal Design Studio, and who dressed up the Miss World pageants, including Aishwarya Rai, Geeta Castellino, and was a gold medalist in the textile industry. I was surrounded by some of the most successful people in the industry. This built the vision of mega success in my mind.

Whom you are with and what you are taught matters a lot, provided you learn and get inspired from the people who surround you. I met my mentor Arfeen Khan just four years ago and now I am training to be a Business Mastermind. I am a Take Charge expert and author, who works with women and children to empower them with power beliefs that reinforce their belief systems and enable them to have extraordinary results.

Growth and expertise comes from exposing yourself to constant upgradation of yourself. For example, announcing the launch of some of my amazing projects will be something I will be very excited about in the near future.

Let’s take the example of Kavita. She is a painter who is awesome at what she does. Now, she is thinking of starting an art gallery to give a platform to other artists like her. Being creative, she believes she does not have the know how of doing business. Many women have amazing skills and talents, but they lack the confidence to start their own business.In Pic: Gemini Dhar

Now, all I did was to help Kavita discover her strengths as a woman and how she has been handling and juggling multiple tasks effortlessly. Under my mentoring, she decided to educate herself with the basics of business know how and her confidence rose. It gave her the belief that she could do it. We put together her vision and she was ready to take a leap of faith—faith in herself, in her talents, and working on her skills. She is now an entrepreneur enjoying the fruits of her efforts.

While all entrepreneurs wish to start with their own ideas, only a few have ever been able to take the leap. Fears, doubts, anxiety, low self-confidence, focusing on failures of others, lack of the knowledge of business management, inhibitions about sales, opinions of loved ones, and fear of criticism are some of the factors that have kept many women just hoping of having their startups.

When I work on the belief systems of women, the major obstacle is wrong self-belief. Even the most amazingly talented women look for approval from others. It is quite natural to do so, but you must not let the opinion of others define you.

Taking charge of yourself and how you want to shape your future is what will differentiate you from the millions of women around.

You want to shine. You want to be successful. You want to be the rocking entrepreneur.

If yes, then you have to take charge of your life.

Here are 10 quick tips to start your entrepreneurial debut.

  1. Put down your idea on paper with a vision that is so exciting to you that you want to live it 24 x 7.
  2. When you are passionate about making a difference, your project will connect you to a greater purpose.
  3. You may go solo in the beginning, multitasking, and then gradually build a team of people who have the expertise to enhance your business.
  4. Budgeting yourself is of utmost importance.
  5. Never compromise on standards of quality.
  6. Sales give you the profits. Train yourself in the best sales techniques. Train your team to follow your style of sales.
  7. Innovation should be at the core of any entrepreneurial project.
  8. Be aware of market trends and policies. This gives you an edge.
  9. Don’t let your sales figures define you. Your business is a part of your life, but not your entire life. Create a balance that is beautiful.
  10. Set up a great value system. Business ethics will keep you on the road to success. Short-term compromises on values are often the most expensive mistakes.


Article by : Gemini Dhar

(Take Charge expert and author)

Email: gemini.dhar@gmail.com


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