World AIDS Day: Here’s how to prevent HIV infection!


Since 1988, December 1 is observed as Wold AIDS Day in order to create awareness about the deadly disease caused by the spread of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection.

On this day, many people across the globe besides government and non-government organisations educate the uninitiated/humanity at large about the prevention and control of the disease that destroys the immune system of the body and makes in unfit to fight illnesses.

HIV infection gets transmitted through body fluids like semen, virginal or rectal fluids, blood and breast milk. The virus is spread through unsafe sexual indulgence with HIV infected person or multiple partners; injecting drugs through infected needles; blood transfusion.

Prevention is certainly better than cure. On World AIDS day, here’s taking a look at way to prevent HIV infection:

Do not indulge in sexual activities with unknown partners.

Avoiding having sexual relations with multiple people.

Get yourself and your partner tested to know your HIV status.

Practice safe sex by using a condom.

Get yourself and your partner tested for STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) that increase the chances of HIV infection.

Use only sterile medical equipment.

Insist on getting the blood tested if ever you need a blood transfusion

Avoid getting tattoos done by unprofessional artists who may not use sterile needles.

Do not get into drug abuse or alcohol. You may not know what you could do to your body when inebriated. You could indulge in unsafe sex or end up using infected needles while doing drugs.

Educate yourself about HIV and AIDS and impart sex education to friends and teen children so that you can prevent and curb the spread of the life-threatening disease.

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