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World Water Day: Five simple things you can do everyday to SAVE water


Water is indeed life! Can anyone imagine life without water? Well, on World Water Day, let’s take a pledge to save and conserve every drop of water and ensure the existence of life on earth for a longer period.

Water conservation is not just the responsibility of the government and authorities. Every individual’s contribution plays a vital role in saving water. And hence, it is imperative to be an active participant in the programmes that aim at saving water.

In this post, we will list of five simple things you can do everyday to SAVE water:

While brushing your teeth, please DO NOT keep the tap open. The water running from the tap goes waste. It’s wrong to let water go waste like this.

Instead of taking bath under the shower, fill up a bucket or two of water. This will limit the usage of water.

Even while washing utensils, instead of keeping tap open, fill up a small tub with water to rinse it well. You can repeat the rinsing process again if need be.

Reuse water wherever you can. You can probably collect the water that gets drained from your washing machine and use it for flushing toilets. This will minimise the use of fresh water.

Speak to your neighbours and set up a rain water harvesting system in your building/society so that you can make constructive use of the water that otherwise goes waste during monsoons. This water can come in handy when you face water shortage from the municipal office.

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