World’s first venomous frogs discovered in Brazil!



Logan: Scientists claimed to have discovered the world’s first known venomous frogs with spikes on their heads in Brazil.

Scientists have long known of poisonous frogs, but the two species of frog discovered in the wilds of Brazil have been found to be capable of injecting poison into predators using horns on their head.

According to the study that describes the species, these frogs have well-developed delivery mechanisms, utilising bony spines on the skull that pierce the skin in areas with concentrations of glands.

The study added that even tiny amounts of these secretions introduced into a wound caused by the head spines could be dangerous and these frogs are capable of using their skin toxins as venoms against their would-be predators.

Edmund Brodie of Utah State University in the United States explains:

“Discovering a truly venomous frog is nothing any of us expected and finding frogs with skin secretions more venomous than those of the deadly pit vipers of the genus Bothrops was astounding,” said Edmund Brodie of Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

The venomous traits of the two species, Corythomantis greeningi and Aparasphenodon brunoi, were discovered after one of the researchers – Carlos Jared of the Instituto Butantan in Sao Paulo – was jabbed in the hand by a C. greeningi specimen while collecting frogs in Brazil.An intense, radiating pain immediately accured through Jared’s arm lasting for about five hours.

The team, which includes researchers from Brazil’s Instituto Butantan and the University of Sao Paulo, is now studying several other frog species from around the world that they suspect are also venomous.

The findings have been published online Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

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