Wrong Place Wrong Time: Crane Crushes Audi. Watch What Happens Next


A driver in China lived through a nightmare experience when a crane crushed his car in the middle of the road.

The 29-year-old was driving to work in China’s Zhuzai province on Tuesday when a construction crane fell on his Audi and totally flattened it. Surveillance footage captured the moment the crane demolished the front portion of the car with many fearing the worst for the driver.

But in a miraculous moment, the driver emerged out of the flattened car alive. The man shocked onlookers as he crawled out of what was once the roof of his car.

“There was no sign at all and I think I was in a blind spot when the crane fell. My mind went blank and I was holding the pain when I crawled out of the car,” Daily Mail quoted the driver.

He reportedly suffered a broken ankle and was taken to the hospital. It’s not clear what caused the crane to topple on the road but a probe was launched into the incident.

Watch the moment :

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