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Yoga Special Week On Clamorworld: Watch When & How You Eat!


Almost any fitness enthusiast will tell you the need for healthy food, the importance of leafy vegetables in your food, avoiding fast food and similar suggestions. But is that enough to ensure that you live a healthy life? Sadly how and when you eat also matters. Many a times it often plays a significantly major role in ensuring that the benefits of what you eat percolate through your body and you can take full benefit of the various good and healthy practices that you might have incorporated in your daily lifestyle.

So first and foremost it is very important to regulate the hours at which you have your food. Do not delay breakfast beyond 2-3 hours after waking up and ensure that your lunch is complete between 12-1 pm. Maximum you could stretch it till 2 pm but not before that. This is because as the sun’s rays keep dimming, our body’s ability to digest the food also reduces. Similarly try and wrap up dinner well before 9 pm. Remember post 11 pm, the detoxification and rejuvenation of the process gets slowed down if you have dinner. This also impacts the quality of sleep.

It is very important to also see what you are eating and eat at a comfortable pace, Do not rush through your food and avoid gobbling. This surely interferes with the digestion process and mars the overall quality of benefit that you might derive from the food. It is necessary to chew the food at a comfortable pace and see what you are putting in your mouth. In this way your body is able to seep in the benefit of the food better.

Last but not the least do not crimp on the amount of water you drink. Remember that our body is 70% water and a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Therefore ensure that the amount of your daily water intake is not compromised on any count.

This followed with a higher dose of healthy food elements and regular yoga will ensure that you live a healthy and happy life.

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