Yoga Week On Clamorworld: The Benefits Of Pranayam


I am sure most of you have heard about healing touch of the Pranayam and courtesy Ram Dev Baba quite a lot of us can now claim expertise at the complex Kapal Bhati pranayam. But how is a Pranayam beneficial and why has it gained such phenomenal popularity?

Well the word Pranayam essentially means controlling your breath. The essential ‘Prana’ refers to the universal life force and flows through innumerable energy channels called the nadi or the conglomerate of veins and arteries. It is essential the key to our lives and without it there can be no life om earth. The other half of the words, ‘Ayama’ means exercising control on regulating it in a way that works to our benefit. Therefore ‘Pranayama’ helps us not just rein in our breath but also allows us to take control of our ‘prana’.

What essentially happens in our day to day lives is that the quality as well as the quantity of the breath that flows through our system via the nadis, determine the mental frame that we would be at any given point of time. Therefore smooth, continuous flow of prana at regular interval would lead to our calmer and more peaceful state of mind and absolute positivity. On the other hand jerky and inadequate prana flow through semi blocked nadis leads to negative emotions like uncertainty, fear, worry, tension and conflict.

In short it won’t be wrong to deduce that by learning to regulate your breathing you literally take control of your lives, emotion and reaction to all and sundry. It can not only enable you to become stronger but also in many ways enhance the quality of life that you would be leading earlier. The clearing of the blockages in the various channels of our body or what is known as ‘nadi shuddhi’ also helps in throwing away the toxins from our body and embracing a healthier self.

However one must remember that Pranayam is a very powerful technique and should be practiced only under the supervision of trained and experienced yoga trainers.

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