You can change the effects of KARMA and make life better – Here’s how


You must have heard people talk about Karma and its effects. But do you know what Karma is and how it shapes your destiny? Well, Karma in the simplest word is ACTION. It falls in line with the universal law of attraction that says, “you shall reap as you sow”.

So if you cultivate goodness, you will invite the good into your life and if you harbour negativity and hatred, you will become a recipient of the same.

Our deeds shape our destiny and the magnitude of our actions is directly proportional to our quality of life.

KARMA reminds us of the fundamental principle of life – to be good. Though you cannot completely escape the effects of your bad karma or wrongdoings, you can certainly lessen its impact by transforming yourself into a better being. Your good deeds will gradually start negotiating with your wrong past to help you suffer less and relish the fruits of goodness around.

  • If you have hurt someone by your words/actions, seek forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. Crush your ego to liberate your soul of the curse.
  • Spread compassion and love around.
  • Reach out to those in need without having any expectations of help in return.
  • Start doing good selflessly to receive blessings.
  • Be happy and content with what you have. Greed for more wealth and power will never satisfy your soul.
  • Meditate and practice yoga. This will give your life a push towards the direction of attaining liberation.
  • Do not succumb to worldly pleasures by indulging in things that can be detrimental to your well being.
  • Think positive and have faith in the power of the supreme force.

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