Your consciousness is your biggest treasure


What is being in your consciousness?

When we put our heart and soul into something that we do, we are actually exhibiting being in consciousness. When we derive the pleasure of doing something by just enjoying the doing part, without much thought on what will be gained on performing the act, we are truly being aware in that moment in our life to just give our best self.

How does it help us move forward?

Whenever we do something by being in our consciousness, we actually use our right to sing our own music on this earth. We all have unique capabilities and music (purpose or doing) which we are here to sing and perform. What do you think the performer is craving for – when the music flows from him through his heart and soul, the kind of existential satisfaction a person gets can’t be matched with money, applauds or appreciation too. Such a performance gives insurmountable self-drive to live and connect to your spiritual higher self easily, that in turn helps a person to move forward in his growth as an individual.

What are your possessions in life?

Your best possession in life is your passion to do something in life. Find what you love to do and connect yourself in work and personal life to doing that with your best intention. Your wealth is not the paper, land or property or money but your passion to perform something at its best which no one else can perform in the same way. Yes, we are here to have our greatest possession our passion, which no one can be gifted or transferred or taken away. When you perform any act which you love to do with the true inner passion you are bound to be the best in that. That’s your biggest possession in life you can encash it every time to achieve the state of consciousness to sing your own music in this world or perform something which you have come for in this world.

What is the benefit of driving our possessions?

If you come to know you have a passion to follow, a work which you drive due to the passion to perform, gives you the right to your consciousness and when you use this right to sing your own music which means do what you love to do with your deepest desire to give your hundred percent, you will find yourself to be a different person altogether.

What is the hidden learning?

Your best possession can’t be taken away by anyone and this treasure grows by its application. This treasure will reap you more and more by using it. Do something to call for your right of consciousness which means your desire to be the best and perform profoundly and gain in terms of anything you do, and you will welcome a different you within. Once your inner being is happy you radiate it outside and attract the best of you for this universe. When you give your best self to this universe, the universe will also reciprocate to give you what is best in return of your performance. Every one of us is a performer in life for a certain thing. But when we perform with excellence and passion the output will lead us to transcend to get all our desires coming true from that performance gradually and that will lead us to be an achiever.

Shachi Maheshwari – The writer is motivational and transformation trainer, life coach and author.

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